Surviving The AI Future: Steps To Ensure Your Company Thrives

About the webinar

Join our webinar for a practical look at AI in businesses. We'll introduce concepts like AIR and DAAPER, focusing on implementation strategies. The session will also discuss the importance of continuous improvement, adaptive strategies, and sustainable innovation in AI implementation. This is an ideal opportunity for business leaders eager to effectively use AI to drive their company's growth.

geometric shape digital wallpaper
geometric shape digital wallpaper

Friday November 24th, 2023
1:00 PM CST

Christian Almonrode
Founder & CAIRO at Earth Capital AI

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About Christian

Christian Almonrode is an Industrial Engineer with a solid foundation in Artificial Intelligence applications. His diverse experience spans the Aerospace and Defense sectors, and his involvement at Tesla has enriched his skill set. As a co-founder and the Chief AI Resources Officer at Earth Capital AI, Christian plays a pivotal role in advancing the company's AI strategy.