Surviving The AI Future: 3 Steps To Ensure Your SMB Survives and Thrives With AI


Christian Almonrode

2 min read

SMB Leaders,

As the crest of the AI wave continues to rise, every business — whether a startup or a Fortune 500 — finds itself encapsulated in its monumental impact. But how does a small to medium-sized business not only navigate these waters but harness the wave to surf ahead?

Step 1: Prepare Your Organization for Change with AIR

Introducing our proprietary methodology - AIR (AI Resources) – a compass for organizational change, centering around Attitude, Focus, and Discipline.

  • Attitude: Introducing AI into your business landscape is as much a shift in mindset as it is in technology. A positive, adaptable, and open attitude is the linchpin. It's about viewing AI not as a disruptor but as an enabler, unlocking untapped potentials and new horizons.

  • Focus: The spotlight should be on targeted AI initiatives. It’s not about a broad stroke but meticulous, calculated brushwork, each aligning with a clear, actionable AI goal.

  • Discipline: The canvas where AI artistry unfolds is bounded by adherence to strategy and execution plans. Consistency and diligence in AI implementation, and training are not just necessary – they are quintessential.

Step 2: Know the Root Causes of Your Problems with DAAPER

As a leader, solving problems isn’t new. But doing it with DAAPER? It’s the GPS that we’ve designed to navigate the complex terrains of issues and solutions.

  • Discover and Analyze: It starts with a dive — deep, explorative — into identifying the underlying issues. With root cause analysis, each problem is matched with the AI solution that’s not just fit, but perfect, promising significant organizational uplift.

  • Align: This is where you, the leader, step in with your team. It’s about verifying, prioritizing, and getting everyone on board with the identified root causes.

  • Propose: AI solutions, meticulously crafted, are then laid before you and the affected business units. A proposal that invites insights, discussions, and ultimately, the green light to proceed.

  • Execute and Review: Implementation follows. Each move, each strategy is then reviewed, and measured against its promises and expectations.

Step 3: Do It Again, and Again... AND AGAIN

And now, you might think the AI chapter concludes. But no, it’s a series, an ongoing saga of evolution and adaptation.

  • Continuous Improvement: AI isn’t a one-off event. It’s a continual journey, a cyclic dance of preparation, identification, and execution. Every implementation is a stepping stone to the next, each an iteration, a refinement, an evolution.

  • Adaptive Strategies: Your AI blueprint is dynamic, breathing, alive. It evolves, adapting to new trends, technologies, and insights, ever aligning with the shifting landscapes of business objectives.

  • Sustainable Innovation: In this AI era, innovation isn’t a choice. It’s the lifeblood, and it has to be sustainable, scalable, and adaptable. Every AI initiative is a strand weaving into the fabric of your organizational ecosystem.

As a leader, the AI future might seem like a challenging puzzle. But with AIR and DAAPER in your arsenal and the ethos of constant evolution, not only does your SMB survive the AI wave but it rides it, masters it, and ultimately, harnesses it to forge ahead, navigating uncharted waters with confidence, and precision.​​

The AI future isn’t a threat, it’s an ally, waiting to be understood, adopted, and integrated. You can have the strategy, the tools, the insights. The future is not just AI, It’s your company and AI, together, an unyielding force in the business landscape of tomorrow. Partner with Earth Capital and unveil the AI-empowered future your SMB deserves.